Uninsured or have a High Deductible Health Plan?

Affordable, Transparent Healthcare has Arrived!

Healthful offers membership based maintenance and preventative care plans that are tailored for your healthcare needs.

On Demand 


Immediately find the care you need through our comprehensive provider network of primary care, urgent care and telemedicine partners.

Appointment Scheduling

Whether you need care immediately or not, we'll make sure the appointment is added to your calendar along with SMS reminders.



No hidden fees. You only pay your monthly membership fee which covers all of the services included in your plan.

"We created Healthful to provide an affordable and transparent health plan that covers your maintenance and preventative health needs. Health insurance has become way too expensive and is too confusing for consumers. It's time for an open, affordable and transparent solution for all of us to take control of our own health needs.

Justin Golshir

CEO, Healthful

"After leaving my job recently, I had limited options for a great health plan. With Healthful, I don't have to worry about getting the care I need. All of services are provided with upfront pricing and I'm happy to pay cash instead of some of the crazy premiums the insurance companies are charging. Looking forward to watching this Company grow!

Doug Schwartz 


Healthful is the Future of the Healthcare Industry

Easy sign up and login process

Bank level security so your data is protected

Comprehensive network of healthcare providers 

Only pay your monthly membership fee 

Easy appointment scheduling and reminders

Prescription drug discount plan

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